Penarth: Brilliant Bathroom

- To transform a windowless bedroom into an inviting bathroom.
- To maximize storage and create a bright space without it feeling sterile.
- In keeping with the rest of the home, give it personality.


Penarth: Galley Kitchen Redesign

I really enjoyed designing & managing this kitchen renovation. When the concept is so simple, a high standard is essential in its execution. The faults appear immediately. The gloss white kitchen cabinets help to bring light into this terraced home. The natural stone & antique wood accents compliment the space and bring a sense of livability. Using plants indoors helps to blur the transition between inside and out.

Task: - Replace a poly roof with a solid construction, without losing light.

- Replace the kitchen and make it beautiful but most importantly, practical.

Before: This Galley kitchen originally had two counters facing each other with approximately 3’-0” between them. The configuration made it impossible to load the dishwasher / oven and walk past at the same time. The kitchen also serves as the main corridor between the back and front of the house, so it was important that we allowed enough traffic space. Simply removing a section of the stone wall allowed us to recess vertical storage and a secondary work surface. The new roof with electric skylights allows for quick secondary ventilation. I love this space.

Furniture Village 2016 Summer / Fall Campaigns

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